User Conference inspires bisTrack and lumberTrack users

Author: C. Randle
Date: Dec 22 2010

Progressive Solutions Inc. (PSI), of Richmond, BC, Canada, extends thanks to all our customers, vendor partners and industry gurus whose enthusiastic participation contributed to the enormous success of this year’s User Conference ― a synergistic meeting of users from a record number of attending companies using its bisTrack and lumberTrack software systems.

“Two things impressed me about the Progressive Solutions User Conference,” reports Craig Webb, editor of ProSales Magazine and guest speaker at the User Conference. “First, the quality of the users. For example, one of the winners of our ProSales Excellence Award and a winner of an Honorable Mention were in the room. The users are smart, innovative, creative people looking for quality solutions. They chose Progressive Solutions as their information supplier which I think is a great credit to Progressive Solutions.”

“Secondly, what impressed me was the level of energy the users bring to that conference,” Webb continues. “They see possibilities in technology helping them run their operations better. They’re eager to share ideas to catapult them to even better things. I saw a level of talking and sharing that I don’t frequently see.” 

Customer solutions spark ideas for ongoing ROI

Half the presentation time was devoted to customers presenting their results and innovative applications. See the end of this announcement for links to these customer reports.

“The User Conference opened our eyes to a lot of amazing things we can do,” says David Jones, President of Brookside Lumber, a bisTrack user since February 2010. “It’s inspiring to listen to other users really excited about the software, and doing some really creative things.

Culture of support and cooperation fostered by Progressive Solutions

The User Conference provided numerous opportunities for individual support and discussion:
- Breakout groups focused on different functions for technical, new and experienced users.
- Exposition demonstrating new offerings, as well as complementary 3rd party vendors.
- Open Support Room to talk to Progressive Solutions’ team members.

As an integral part of the User Conference, dBug (‘d bisTrack User Group), an independent user forum formed and operated by bisTrack users, presented its mission, members and achievements, and an open invitation to all users to join.

Optimism pervasive among bisTrack and lumberTrack users

“We have a very supportive and engaged customer base,” says John Matterson, bisTrack VP at Progressive Solutions. “By hosting informative and inspiring User Conferences, we hope to perpetuate advanced application of our software solutions to deliver maximum benefit to each of our customers.”

Despite the very difficult downturn and slowdown in business, Progressive Solutions remained fully committed to driving feature functionally and technology advances in lumberTrack and bisTrack as a means of helping their customers.

“Folks are talking more positively about the coming recovery and how their organizations are retooling and getting ready for the upswing,” says Keith Matterson, lumberTrack VP at Progressive Solutions. “Almost all of this year’s attendees are seeing improvements in their business over last year and are looking for creative ways to achieve more. These are tremendous accomplishments and I am proud we were doing our part to help with their success.”

“I heard from many customers that they planned to ‘copy’ what these companies are doing,” John Matterson continues. “We are delighted when we hear that, because it reinforces the merits of bringing users together to share their successes and reaffirms the universality of the solutions we provide to our customers.”

Customer presentations and more information now available

• Improve cash flow and increase working capital through Vendor Managed Inventory
Learn how to have your vendor hold inventory, and not pay for items until you’ve sold them.
 Measure Sales Performance without spreadsheets from IT Learn how to measure and compare sales people’s performance on sales objectives, margins, pipeline and conversions without laborious spreadsheet analysis.
 Using Margin Analysis and Reviews to boost profits Learn how to see your margins prior to invoicing so your sales people can react if needed. Get quick margin answers to adjust product mix and make/buy decisions for higher profits.
 Strengthen your business with on-line sales  Learn how to create an on-line sales portal to increment sales, offer customers 24/7 ordering and account information, and reduce incoming customer service calls.
 Improve delivery efficiency and curb truck mishaps Learn how to integrate GPS and load balancing technology with journey manifest creation and truck routing to optimize loads and delivery routes. We’ll show you how handheld GPSs, digital cameras and electronic signature capture cut down on delivery inefficiency, truck misappropriation and disputes.
 Make better use of the standard lumberTrack Business Intelligence tools  Learn to develop dashboards with drill down and jump-to capabilities within lumberTrack. These are built to have the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business, visible when you need it.
 New lumberTrack features and functionality Find out what’s new with lumberTrack and how it can help your business.
 New bisTrack features and functionality Find out about bisTrack’s latest enhancements.

“Our customers responded very positively to the User Conference format, and we’re committed to continuing to provide this interactive forum to them very year,” says Len Williams, President of Progressive Solutions. “Mark your calendars for Las Vegas in November in 2011.”



  • "I think highly of the people at Progressive Solutions. They have a professional approach, they understand the lumber business, and they meet their commitments."

    Joe Kusar
    Vice President & General Manager of Tolleson Lumber Co

  • "We were up 5 points of margin within ten months using bisTrack™ pricing management and margin review. The payback happened in just months."

    Brian King
    President of Construction Supply

  • "Since our conversion to bisTrack we have seen big pluses with purchasing and costing accuracy which have definitely contributed to the bottom line."

    Brad White
    President of White's Lumber

  • "We know these are the kind of people we want to partner with long-term, with the vision and values that are critical to a mutually successful relationship."

    David Jones
    President of Brookside Lumber

  • "We’ve fixed problems, eliminated data re-entry and repurposed valuable employees. bisTrack helped us be more productive with fewer people."

    Candy Loweke
    Process Analyst, Raymond Building Supply

  • "With bisTrack we have cut our costs while increasing the speed and quality of service to our customers."

    John Steinman
    VP of Purchasing and IT Services, Forge Lumber

  • "We used to go blind on what our costs were. Now we can audit every single job in millwork, see what our waste is and know what things are really costing us."

    Lan McIlvain
    Alan McIlvain Company

  • "We were looking for software we could grow with. lumberTrack and Great Plains are going to give us the ability to dig down and get the reporting data we need to make our decisions. They have streamlined our workflow and the general ledger."

    Sherry Sabbatini
    Deer Park Lumber

  • "lumberTrack’s™ business logic is rock solid. It’s a very configurable system and Progressive Solutions, as a business partner has been awesome."

    Mike Beye
    Chief Value Officer of Vaagen Bros. Lumber Co