Huskey Truss & Building Supply joins growing list of bisTrack customers

Huskey Truss & Building Supply joins growing list of bisTrack customers

Author: S. Littlefield
Date: Apr 08 2010

Vancouver, BC (April 8, 2010) -  Based in Franklin, Tennessee, Huskey Truss and Building Supply has purchased Progressive Solutions’ bisTrack suite of products as their system solution for their three locations in middle Tennessee. In business for 65 years, Huskey serves production, commercial and custom builders. Huskey takes pride in teaming up with the best suppliers and customers possible and Progressive Solutions is proud to be part of that exclusive partner list.

Eric Pugh, Implementation Specialist for Progressive Solutions (PSI) says “The new work order scheduling, which has the look and feel of Outlook Calendar, combined with enhancements to manufactured products will greatly streamline the manufacturing process, as well as give a new level of accounting that they have never had before.”

According to Debbie Crook, Project Manager for Huskey Truss and Building Supply, “We were driven to look for a new Point of Sale system because of our inability to get timely management information from our existing system. Because the bisTrack software is built on a true relational database with a Crystal Reports front-end, we will be able to easily retrieve and analyze real-time data. The built-in dashboards and smartviews will provide the ability to give each manager the information they need in the format they want to see. As a result we will be able to make faster, better decisions to manage our company.”

Huskey has also partnered with PSI and will be using the secureHosting solution from PSI. Even though Huskey has internal IT people, they see the importance of dedicating their people to business issues. With secureHosting, Huskey can leverage the highly qualified PSI technical team using an enterprise class environment to provide the highest level of performance and availability. 

PSI welcomes Huskey to the growing list of bisTrack customers.



  • "We were looking for software we could grow with. lumberTrack and Great Plains are going to give us the ability to dig down and get the reporting data we need to make our decisions. They have streamlined our workflow and the general ledger."

    Sherry Sabbatini
    Deer Park Lumber

  • "We were up 5 points of margin within ten months using bisTrack™ pricing management and margin review. The payback happened in just months."

    Brian King
    President of Construction Supply

  • "Since our conversion to bisTrack we have seen big pluses with purchasing and costing accuracy which have definitely contributed to the bottom line."

    Brad White
    President of White's Lumber

  • "We know these are the kind of people we want to partner with long-term, with the vision and values that are critical to a mutually successful relationship."

    David Jones
    President of Brookside Lumber

  • "We’ve fixed problems, eliminated data re-entry and repurposed valuable employees. bisTrack helped us be more productive with fewer people."

    Candy Loweke
    Process Analyst, Raymond Building Supply

  • "With bisTrack we have cut our costs while increasing the speed and quality of service to our customers."

    John Steinman
    VP of Purchasing and IT Services, Forge Lumber

  • "We used to go blind on what our costs were. Now we can audit every single job in millwork, see what our waste is and know what things are really costing us."

    Lan McIlvain
    Alan McIlvain Company

  • "I think highly of the people at Progressive Solutions. They have a professional approach, they understand the lumber business, and they meet their commitments."

    Joe Kusar
    Vice President & General Manager of Tolleson Lumber Co

  • "lumberTrack’s™ business logic is rock solid. It’s a very configurable system and Progressive Solutions, as a business partner has been awesome."

    Mike Beye
    Chief Value Officer of Vaagen Bros. Lumber Co