Bloedorn Lumber selects bisTrack for its solid business model

Bloedorn Lumber

Author: Carole Randale
Date: Nov 08 2010

Progressive Solutions Inc. is very pleased to announce that Bloedorn Lumber, headquartered in Torrington, Wyoming, has selected bisTrack as its new business software platform. The bisTrack system will support over 200 users in its 22 lumber and building supply centers throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Nebraska.

bisTrack was selected because its core business model matched Bloedorn’s disciplined approach to transaction workflow processing and inventory management, as well as independent building center accountability and corporate oversight.

“Bloedorn is a very well run organization,” says Andrew Roise, senior account manager for Progressive Solutions. “As an employee-owned organization, they want the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish in each of their 22 lumberyards. To maintain control, the lean corporate team administers solid business practices and relies heavily on their software backbone to oversee efficient corporate/branch interaction. I’m confident they will be sophisticated users that take full advantage of all the incredible functionality bisTrack has to offer.”

With Activant sun-setting their long-time Dimensions software, Bloedorn knew it was the right time to make a change. After a false start with another software product, Bloedorn abandoned the project in September 2010 because it did not adequately support their business model. In late October 2010 Bloedorn launched into an intensive implementation of bisTrack software.

bisTrack will provide Bloedorn with better special order handling, improved inter-branch visibility and enhanced reporting tools in addition to matching Bloedorn’s exemplary workflow and inventory management practices.

“bisTrack will automate many previously manual tasks, including inter-branch credit risk management,” says Andrew Roise. “For example, they will now be able to see credit risks across branches without compromising critical security. They will also experience significant productivity gains with bisTrack’s special order handling. And corporate staff will save hours each month as ESOP and other financial reports can be run and delivered automatically with bisTrack’s advanced Business Intelligence capabilities.”

Bloedorn is expected to go live with bisTrack in April 2011. Progressive Solutions looks forward to helping Bloedorn, one of the largest Do it Best member dealers, leverage bisTrack’s existing Do It Best interface as well as future opportunities to bring unprecedented supply chain visibility and efficiency by integrating with Do It Best’s new lumberTrack system, also from Progressive Solutions.


  • "lumberTrack’s™ business logic is rock solid. It’s a very configurable system and Progressive Solutions, as a business partner has been awesome."

    Mike Beye
    Chief Value Officer of Vaagen Bros. Lumber Co

  • "We were up 5 points of margin within ten months using bisTrack™ pricing management and margin review. The payback happened in just months."

    Brian King
    President of Construction Supply

  • "Since our conversion to bisTrack we have seen big pluses with purchasing and costing accuracy which have definitely contributed to the bottom line."

    Brad White
    President of White's Lumber

  • "We know these are the kind of people we want to partner with long-term, with the vision and values that are critical to a mutually successful relationship."

    David Jones
    President of Brookside Lumber

  • "We’ve fixed problems, eliminated data re-entry and repurposed valuable employees. bisTrack helped us be more productive with fewer people."

    Candy Loweke
    Process Analyst, Raymond Building Supply

  • "With bisTrack we have cut our costs while increasing the speed and quality of service to our customers."

    John Steinman
    VP of Purchasing and IT Services, Forge Lumber

  • "We used to go blind on what our costs were. Now we can audit every single job in millwork, see what our waste is and know what things are really costing us."

    Lan McIlvain
    Alan McIlvain Company

  • "We were looking for software we could grow with. lumberTrack and Great Plains are going to give us the ability to dig down and get the reporting data we need to make our decisions. They have streamlined our workflow and the general ledger."

    Sherry Sabbatini
    Deer Park Lumber

  • "I think highly of the people at Progressive Solutions. They have a professional approach, they understand the lumber business, and they meet their commitments."

    Joe Kusar
    Vice President & General Manager of Tolleson Lumber Co