Ashton Lewis selects lumberTrack software suite

Ashton Lewis selects lumberTrack software suite

Author: C. Randle
Date: Nov 17 2010

Progressive Solutions Inc. is very pleased to announce Ashton Lewis Lumber of Gatesville, North Carolina, has placed an order for the entire lumberTrack™ suite of products.

“Ashton Lewis is modernizing every aspect of their wood products inventory management system,” reports Ward Mintzler, Senior Account Manager for lumberTrack at Progressive Solutions. “Since they supply specialty high-grade SYP flooring and millwork, knowing the status and value of their inventory from log yard through processing to finished product is critical to their profitable operation.”

Ashton Lewis implements lumberTrack, which automates workflow and inventory control by integrating sales order processing, inventory tracking through production, and shipping functions. They also add Fiber Track™ in the log yard to capture log value and inventory, and feed this important costing information into lumberTrack. Tag Track™ is used to automate tag creation, and Handheld Data Collection applications capture tag information and product movement in production and shipping, as well as streamline physical counts. The integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP® (Great Plains) financial management system records and reports on all financial information from the log yard through the specialty manufacturing operations.

“Ashton Lewis is impressed with how complete and integrated the lumberTrack suite is,” remarks Mintzler. “Especially in the areas of export documentation, since much of their product is sold off-shore.

“They look forward to efficiency gains and having more accurate information on their true costs, which will help Ashton Lewis remain profitable and competitive in this challenging market.”


  • "lumberTrack’s™ business logic is rock solid. It’s a very configurable system and Progressive Solutions, as a business partner has been awesome."

    Mike Beye
    Chief Value Officer of Vaagen Bros. Lumber Co

  • "We were up 5 points of margin within ten months using bisTrack™ pricing management and margin review. The payback happened in just months."

    Brian King
    President of Construction Supply

  • "Since our conversion to bisTrack we have seen big pluses with purchasing and costing accuracy which have definitely contributed to the bottom line."

    Brad White
    President of White's Lumber

  • "We know these are the kind of people we want to partner with long-term, with the vision and values that are critical to a mutually successful relationship."

    David Jones
    President of Brookside Lumber

  • "We’ve fixed problems, eliminated data re-entry and repurposed valuable employees. bisTrack helped us be more productive with fewer people."

    Candy Loweke
    Process Analyst, Raymond Building Supply

  • "With bisTrack we have cut our costs while increasing the speed and quality of service to our customers."

    John Steinman
    VP of Purchasing and IT Services, Forge Lumber

  • "We used to go blind on what our costs were. Now we can audit every single job in millwork, see what our waste is and know what things are really costing us."

    Lan McIlvain
    Alan McIlvain Company

  • "We were looking for software we could grow with. lumberTrack and Great Plains are going to give us the ability to dig down and get the reporting data we need to make our decisions. They have streamlined our workflow and the general ledger."

    Sherry Sabbatini
    Deer Park Lumber

  • "I think highly of the people at Progressive Solutions. They have a professional approach, they understand the lumber business, and they meet their commitments."

    Joe Kusar
    Vice President & General Manager of Tolleson Lumber Co